Steel bending machine operating specifications are as follows:   1, placed bender, should choose a more smooth, solid, broad place before and after Kannawa symmetrical triangular wooden wedge.  2. Do not place the power cable to the machines buttons, you should have received an additional control power switch. The motor should be grounded, ministries wire, electrical equipment should be well insulated.  3, the operation is prohibited other personnel into the operating area, 2015 cportable concrete mixer pump running the motor, hydraulic pumps and other transmission parts found abnormal noise should stop after cutting the power for maintenance. Operation prohibit cleaning, lubrication.  4, we must add a little oil before use. Not use less than blocked shaft bending large-sized steel bar diameter bend, bend steel must first straightening work shall not be bent.  5, after work, turn off the power, mechanical cleaning and maintenance work. If outside, before leaving after the power switch box should be locked.  6, should pay attention to before starting the position and direction of bending steel protruded prevent open the wrong wounding.  7, the work should be checked before each transmission parts fastening bolt through the rear idle test confirmed safe before doing any work.  8. Replace the bent pin and a fixed pin midnight on the turntable, it should cut off the power to stop the rotation after. Steel cutting machine cutting considerations are:  1. bulk cut, cut before the formal operation must try a couple of root, to test the length accuracy.  2. When cutting, it must hold the vertical bars, when the movable blade back into the steel blade, to prevent the end of the swing bars or pop wounding.  3. chopped ribs, it must feed before being caught with pliers; his hand or mouth can not be left in the blowing iron cutting machine, at the end of the iron.  4. Prohibition of cutting mechanical properties beyond the prescribed range and exceeds the outer steel blade hardness or red-hot steel.  5. Cut off the process, such as found in steel have split, mini electric cement mixer for sale faint or severe elbow must be removed, if found, and the hardness of steel rebar have greater access to the time, the person concerned must be timely to reflect, identify the situation .  6. Make butt or electroslag welding of steel cutting, you must use the wheel saw, steel fracture should be smooth, without horseshoe bend or play phenomenon.  7. According to the same specification steel with different lengths length, overall discharge; general should break long expected, after a short break the material, reducing short head, reducing wear and tear. Reinforced straighten cutter straight troubleshooting 1. Problem: 1 Call reinforced big bend Cause: A curve is too small B. traction traction sheave box tight. Remedy: appropriate transfer large curve, and loosen the traction sheave 2. Problem: Reinforced appear small bend Cause: The curve is too large Remedy: When the proper transfer of small curve 3. Failure: Broken Bar Reason:. A reinforced in discharge and presetting when stuck phenomenon B. curve is too large Remedy:. A fluent reinforced industrial machine portable mini cement mixer restart B. appropriate transfer of small 4. Fault: Host vibration Reason:. A straight frame holding loose screws vibration caused by B. Remedy: A straightening adjustments check box B. fixed.